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Joanna (Jo) is a Haitian-American award nominated actress who is currently taking her creative talents to screenwriting. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, she grew up in a family that encouraged reading from an early age. Her love for reading quickly propelled her into exploring creative writing. Along the way, Jo found herself on the stage as a poet and later, as a thespian. 


As one of the founding members of Black Petal Theatre Group, she is passionate about their mission to bring the stories and faces of minorities to the forefront. Joanna received her formal education at Queens College (CUNY) where she studied both Psychology and Theatre. Post-grad, she studied at Marshall’s Thespian Collective (MTC), a small conservatory in Jersey City with her mentor, J. Marshall Evans. She is a proud graduate of both schools. Joanna is a Strawberry Festival Best Actress nominee and SITA Award recipient. Both are for the role she originated in her debut performance of Scenes from a Marriage. “Do it with love!"

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