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"AUSTIN is such a captivating production! It’s a psychological experience that captures a mixture of emotions. I found myself empathizing with the characters, laughing with excitement, feeling fear, frustration, and sorrow in situations the characters endured. Hands down I would watch this play a million times more, as it became a reflection of what I and others have experienced in life.”

"Austin was a phenomenal show! A roller coaster of emotions and a stage that acted as a mirror to my personal traumas. It presented a light hope of confidence in that seeking help is the key to moving further in life, or after."

“Can't recommend this enough! Not only Is Clovis Kabongo an Insanely talented writer and director, but the twists and turns were masterfully timed and the actors were fantastic! Haunting and brilliant!"

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"An edge gripping performance by a wondrous cast. From the beginning to the end, I felt like I was in for a ride of emotions. My eyes glared from the first act and misted by the second act. Truly a story for us to ponder within ourselves. Can’t wait to see more work from this astounding company."

"The play exceeded my expectations far more than I anticipated. I knew I was going to enjoy the storyline of the play but enjoy is an understatement. The play and the production was crafted so thoughtfully. The intricate details and complexities of people’s trauma was written in a way that had the audience entertained. Each scene had my fist clenched and seated tightly, anxiously anticipating the next scene. The details of the play along with the actors and actress’s ability to play out each scene was worth watching. It’s a must watch play!”

"Big shoutout to the playwright Clovis Kabongo. The way he unpacks family trauma and shadow work would have Carl Jung himself on his toes. Man had me in tears multiple times. A must see!"




Dedicated to Excellence in Theatre!

Black Petal Theatre Group was established in 2016. Our goal is to produce original works that engage the mind while entertaining the masses and giving a voice to people of color by placing them in denied narratives.


Black Petal Theatre Group was established to cultivate change by empowering artists of color and disrupting unflattering, stereotypical, narratives that place us in a box, while opening the space for us to occupy stories that we are often denied. 

Black Petal firmly stands behind all of our past and future black creatives, collaborators, audience members, and the entire Black Community to battle racism, and to continue in our mission to create stories where we are not just uneducated; slaves, drug dealers, maids, gang members, or in subservient roles. Instead, we aim to tell stories where we are educated doctors, writers, lawyers, survivors, detectives, powerful magical beings, and poets whose language is as heightened as their respective narrative.

After all, black is the beauty you’ll never find in any color.


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