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Born in Belgium with African descent, Clovis Kabongo is an author, playwright, and screenwriter from Queens, New York. A graduate of Queens College, Clovis strives to produce thought-provoking stories that dwell in the darker sphere of humanity while giving a unique voice to people of color and minorities that challenge the norm.


Clovis got his start as an official playwright by having his first full-length play 7:00 open at The Hudson Guild Theater in August of 2016. Acquiring a vehement taste for it, he has since then staged his other original works such as The Dark Room at Manhattan Repertory Theatre in fall 2016, and The Funeral, which garnered remarkable feedback from audiences and was asked to return for two encore performances. In March of 2017, his fourth play The Stranger opened at Manhattan Repertory Theatre and was well received, ultimately being asked to return for an encore performance. He has since then gone on to write shows such as The Deal, Uilbheist, The Brothers Blues, the award nominated Murder On _____ Street, and his magnum opus the award winning: Austin, which was nominated for best play in 2017.


Originally penning and publishing short stories, it wasn’t until his time at school that he discovered his mode for dialogue, beginning his career as a playwright shortly after. Finding inspiration in literature, music, films, personal experience, and the world around, he blends these elements together to write plays hopefully many will appreciate and walk away with feeling a sense of wonder about the nature of life, its people, and the horrors that assail us all.

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